March 13 – April 11 2021

Luminosity is a COVID-safe outdoor art exhibition which supports the local business and artist community.

Luminosity will take place between March 13 to April 11, 2021 and will feature 8 diverse light art installations along Queen Street East. Installations will be lit until midnight every night. 

Installations will be installed across 3km of Queen Street, from Neville Park to Coxwell Avenue, allowing for visitors to explore the neighbourhood, in a socially distanced and safe way.

The installations will transform familiar spaces into unique works of urban art and will welcome Torontonians to explore their city. They will allow visitors to experience the warmth of the light, through artist interpretation, and act as a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, following a difficult winter with COVID-19.

Meet the Artists

Kristyn Watterworth - "88 Keys of Light"

Kristyn expresses herself and her view of life through her paintings with color, lines, and creativity. A graduate of York University Hons BFA 2008, she has painted her whole life. She is an innovative artist and brings her art to life through powerful, decisive strokes always in flux, and apt to change, constantly evolving, shifting, and merging.

In 2004, after her first year of University, she began Kryart Studio/Gallery, to explore the more practical side of business and art. That venture continued over the following 15 summers, developing into an art learning space for all ages. Leaving the studio in 2018, she spent a year in NYC developing her craft, and is now back working out of a studio in the Junction, and living in Corktown, Toronto.

Edward Platero - "88 Keys of Light"

Edward is an award-winning filmmaker and Visual artist based in London, Ontario.  Edward has worked with both local and international agencies and artists to create visually engaging and impactful campaigns.  Beyond the commercial work that Edward has created, his work has extended into film and music videos where Edward has been the recipient of various awards in the field of cinematography and production.

Edward has worked with prestigious brands such as Disney Interactive, Hollywood Records, Mattel, PRG North America, and most recently international artists, The Backstreet Boys. Edward’s passion for his craft ensures he approaches each project with great care and compassion to help create an impactful final product. With visual engagement crossing into mixed media realms, Edward has been pushing his craft into the world of Virtual/Augmented Reality and interactive projection mapping, working closely with artists to deliver memorable visual experiences.

Luminosity 2021 is the 6th collaboration between Edward Platero and Kristyn Watterworth. In 2020 their music video collaboration “Stabilize” with musician JoJo Worthington was the recipient of multiple “music video of the year” awards & top honours.

Jungle Ling - "Chee-Win"

Jungle is a Canadian artist based in Toronto Ontario. He was born in Taiwan of Hakka heritage and grew up in Niagara Falls, Ontario from the mid 70s through the early 80s. He did have a brief career as a Certified Steel Fitter before attending university as a mature student and subsequently settling in Toronto in the late 80s. Although he had excelled in the arts through school, it was in his role as a counsellor and art program facilitator at a First Nations’ recovery lodge in Toronto in the late 80’s that generated the spark to pursue his art unapologetically.

His artwork, whether they are paintings, sculptures or murals often reflects his values and life journeys along with the connections he’d made particularly with the everyday people, the marginalized, and minorities. Their stories and experiences are acknowledged and reflected strongly in his works. Examples include the hundreds of portraits drawn of people from across Canada and elsewhere over the years of crisscrossing the continent with a bicycle. The discarded or often overlooked elements in society or nature are areas of great interest for him and represent topics of focus and celebration through his art.

Collective Memory - "Headlights"

Collective Memory is a public art and design group that explores nostalgia, absurdity, and the legacy of material. We strive to capture the intangible qualities of memory and shared history within contemporary conditions, resulting in works that are both familiar and fantastical. Through a combination of traditional methods for fabrication and tools for digital design, our work is experimental and rooted in cultural and social mythology. Collective Memory is made up of Robert McKaye and Stoyan Barakov.

Robert Mckaye

Robert (he/him) is a Canadian design researcher, educator, and maker with a background in interactive art and architecture. His work embraces digital tools for design and computation to drive new forms of interaction with audiences, energies, and the environment. 

Stoyan Barakov

Stoyan (he/him) is a Bulgarian-Canadian artist, creator, and maker whose sculptural work revolves around digital fabrication, mold making, and metal casting.  His work engages ideas of nostalgia, memory, and displacement while combining methodologies and contexts from his Bulgarian upbringing.


Opus Art Projects - "Light Tree"

Opus Art Projects is an international art consultancy that thoughtfully curates bespoke art collections for well-designed hospitality, developer, and residential projects. Co-founders Laura Wood and Dawn Tyrrell are consultants as well as artists who have expanded their art practices to the creation of site-specific public artwork. Opus uses their experience in art and design, combined with their in-depth knowledge of art fabrication to deftly imagine and realize beautiful, large-scale public artworks.    

Opus Art Projects is a collaboration between Laura Wood and Dawn Tyrrell; we are two art consultants/creatives who are wholeheartedly passionate about art. Our vision is to bring about meaningful emotions that resonate with the viewer – telling stories with art. Laura and Dawn are both residents of the Beaches neighbourhood and are excited to be participating in a project so close to home. To lift the spirits through art is especially meaningful when those spirits are your closest friends, family, and neighbours.

Rhonda Weppler & Trevor Mahovsky - "Sugar Mountain"

Rhonda Weppler (born in Winnipeg) and Trevor Mahovsky (born in Calgary) are New York- and Toronto-based artists, respectively, who have worked collaboratively since 2004. Both artists have MFA degrees from the University of British Columbia, where they met in 1996. Rhonda Weppler and Trevor Mahovsky make sculptural still life, attenuated by an emphasis on process and materiality. Whether generated by laborious working methods, held together by propping or balancing, or constructed from ephemeral material, their works focus attention upon coming into and out of existence.

They have exhibited in galleries and museums internationally, including the National Gallery of Canada, Vancouver Art Gallery, LABoral in Gijon, Dos de Mayo in Madrid, the Power Plant in Toronto, Musée d’art Contemporain in Montreal, Tokyo Wonder Site, and loop-raum in Berlin.

Weppler’s work has also been exhibited at the Palazzo delle Papesse in Sienna and COCA in Seattle. Mahovsky’s work has been shown at the Queens Museum of Art in New York, and he has written for catalogues and journals such as Artforum and Canadian Art.

Chris Foster - "Beacon Silo"

Chris Foster is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Toronto (Tkaronto). He observes the birth, life, and death of buildings to understand how local histories and material ecologies shape the built environment. His creative process is motivated by public projects and site-specific installations. He embraces a do-it-yourself methodology, developing processes for ethical reuse, repair, and maintenance in his studio practice.

Foster received an interdisciplinary BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art (NSCAD) in 2008. His artwork has been exhibited across Canada, including at YYZ Artist Outlet; the Art Gallery of Ontario; Nuit Blanche Toronto; Eastern Edge Gallery in St. John’s, Nfld; the Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery (MSVU) in Halifax, NS; the Khyber Centre for the Arts in Halifax, NS; and the Odd Gallery in Dawson City, YK.

Bryan Faubert - "Out From Under the Shadows"

Bryan Faubert received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia University of Art and Design and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Calgary in 2020. In 2014 he opened Studio 34, a sculpture studio, where he taught workshops and classes and conducted his own studio endeavors. This space was about accessibility to the public to experiment and learn, creating shared knowledge. Bryan is a member of the Wolf-Sheep Arthouse Collective in Victoria and an artist at the nvrlnd. Arts Foundation in Calgary.

Bryan’s exhibition history stretches from Nova Scotia to Toronto, down to Mexico and back up to Vancouver and is comprised of graffiti expositions, installations, pop-ups, artist run centres, public sculpture and commercial venues. Last spring, Bryan travelled to New York to apprentice with internationally acclaimed sculptor Cal Lane, this endeavor has inspired his current public sculpture with a C-Train car, which may become the new home base for Studio 34 in Calgary.

Thelia Sanders Shelton - "Share the Love"

Thelia Sanders Shelton, a graduate of OCAD, majored in printmaking and Sculpture Installation and spent the last 20 years working in traditional media. Her work included two ongoing series; Myths, acrylic on canvas paintings, which spoke to personal myths and Movement of the Masses, pen & ink drawings that dealt with the change of identity in mass. Both series stood out and were well received.

In 2017 and on a whim, Thelia Sanders Shelton collaborated with her art partner and created The Toronto Driftwood Sign. The success of this piece garnered media attention and also opened up her mind to the world of public art. Since that time, Thelia has collaborated on several more works including El Corazon, a 25-foot reclining driftwood figure, a Rainbow LOVE Sign, a 56foot pink wood branch sign, and a giant pale and shovel that sat on Wards Beach on the Toronto Islands.

Thelia has also created a 54foot mural and has worked on a Bell Box Mural project, which once again, highlighting her creativity and her painting skills.  As a result of all this work, Thelia has participated in community engagement projects and has enjoyed working with youth, empowering them and introducing them to the use of power tools while promoting creativity. Thelia is also working on a series of digital drawings called “Can You See the Real Me” faces with glasses that speak to perception and identity. Her plan is to include these pieces in the public art realm as she “see’s” them as large formatted murals.


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